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Released: 25/10/18

With cafe culture in Australia at an all time high and the bands intense love for coffee, there is no wonder why it inspired their new song 'Ritual'. The musical idea of band leader Simon Ghali, 'Ritual' was an effort to demonstrate the energy and power behind the band and its instruments. It was written like an electronic pop or EDM song, but for an all acoustic brass band line up. Lyrically the song is written about the need for coffee everyday. It romanticises coffee, to the point that living without it is nigh impossible... 

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Positive Vibrations

Released: 17/12/18

Although a happy and upbeat tune, this song focuses on deeper issues surrounding the subject of depression and the two way street of helping and accepting help from others. This is a tough but incredibly important issue everywhere, including within our greater musical community. To anyone feeling lost, or alone, please let this song be a reminder to reach out, and to everyone and anyone who can help, please don’t be afraid to do so and check in with the people around you. 

Silver In The Moon (art).jpg

Silver in the Moon

Released: 06/02/19

Silver in the Moon chronicles an emotional journey that follows losing a loved one, romantic or otherwise. The song begins with a resigned sadness, peppered with equal parts nostalgia and longing. The dual brass solo is almost like a flashback, imitating the formation and sudden ending of a relationship. The song then transitions into a feeling of being overwhelmed by loss, but with each new day it becomes easier to manage. As if emerging from a long cry, the final fanfare reflects an emotional rawness but also a sense of hard-won inner peace.

Watch The Trees Grow (art).jpg

Watch The Trees Grow

Released: 27/03/19

Watch The Trees Grow experiments with delays over a combination of reggae/rocksteady grooves and roaring brass. Lyrically, the song is a story of someone whose troubles are holding them back caused by an overwhelming amount of anxiety and depression. Stating that like an immovable object these challenges take root, and the only way to get though it is to “hold on”. Featuring the amazing voice and lyrical mind of Maite Inae, this track explores an uncharted sound for Hot Potato Band and breathes life into future artist collaborations with the band.



Released: 21/08/19

This is a song about our favourite green stuff... avocados!

We wanted to write a song about how much we love life and how important it is to live your life to the fullest. Now this message isn’t a new one and sometimes it can seem a little cheesy. So to keep it genuine, we chose to talk about love and life in terms that we could truly relate to. We hope the spirit of this song resonates with you and that you remember its sentiment every time you bite into a delicious avo smash!


Stitch Up


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