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Optus Christmas Party 2019-215


"You guys were amazing! Can't thank you enough. Absolutely the highlight!"

HPB's Interactive Roaming Performances

Biography (roaming only) 
Hot Potato Band is a brass band like no other. This street performing off-shoot of the 10 piece festival band from Sydney Australia are passionate about re-igniting organic performance as well as breaking down the barriers between stage and audience, leaving lasting impressions and smiles on people’s faces.

HPB is un-bound by genres, stages and audiences. They reinvent the traditional New Orleans brass band as a modern day dance machine and visual spectacle for all demographics with a strong sense of pride for their fun-loving, energetic, and quirky musical nature.

Learn more about Hot Potato Band's original music, shows and full 10 piece band here.


Best ways to utilise HPB

Hot Potato Band offer a range of different options to suit each events specific context. Understanding that each booking may be unique, below are some of the ways HPB have been used in the past:

Weddings: Bridal Party Entrance / Surprise Dance Floor / Post-Ceremony Celebrations 

Corporate Events: Surprise Dance Floor / Flash Mobs / Pop Up Activations 

Public Events: Pop Up Street Performances / Parades / Location Activations 
Add-on: Extra 30mins as seperate set (30min)
Add-on: Community workshop or parade (45-60min)

Things to consider when booking HPB...

* HPB Roaming is a minimum 6-7 piece ensemble.

* Performances are 45-60mins in length with the option to add an extra 30mins. A greenroom/change room with refreshments may be requested.


* Once quoted, a 50% deposit is required to secure the band. Deposits are non-refundable within 30 days prior to event date.

* Power and staging is not required as band roams event space, creates a lively atmosphere and interacts with guests/audiences.

* Quotes account for the bands travel, arrival time of 30-45mins prior to performance, and an extra 30min buffer in the case of delays to the projected schedule. Extra time may be billed in 30min additions and quoted as such (refer to your quote).

* The band will perform from their list of well known songs that guests/audiences can dance to. HPB's original music can be requested.

Optus Christmas Party 2019-215.jpg
Hot Potato Band - Roaming Performance (Acoustic)
Hot Potato Band

Hot Potato Band - Roaming Performance (Acoustic)