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Lost Picnic Festival

Our first time experiencing the multi city festival held in the daylight hours between 12pm - 8pm at Flemington Nursery, Melbourne and The Domain, Sydney. We joined a killer line up of bands and musicians including TASH SULTANA, MEG MAC, MARLON WILLIAMS and ODETTE. It was nothing short of a great set given the fact we were on at 3pm, although it felt more like midnight on the dance floor. This was our first introduction into a "different" scene of artists. Generally we aren't on line ups like this, but the audience made us feel more than welcome, and as if we belonged. Reviewers of the festival also had many incredible things to say about the show!

"Hot Potato Band were undoubtedly one of the most entertaining acts of the day" - Madeline Tait, THE MUSIC (Lost Picnic Festival, Sydney)

"Simply amazing in every single way, from their timing, their show performance, to their impressive crowd involvement. They gave the Lost Picnic audience a performance so unique and entertaining, personally their set was definitely one of the highlights from the entire event" - Laura Tedder, AMNPLIFY (Lost Picnic, Sydney)

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