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NEW MUSIC: 'It's Your Own Body'

It's been a long time since we last typed up a post. Like so many others, Covid had us in a deep hibernation, with opportunities to perform slim to none, and at times, opportunities to rehearse together were technically illegal (in Australia) due to the number of members in the band... We can only hope the worst is behind us now.

Ok, enough of the dreary covid updates, let's talk new music. Firstly, thank you to everyone who reached out over the past year showing support and sharing our excitement for new music. We've been working incredibly hard to bring you some of our best work.

To kick it all off, we want to announce the release of our next single 'It's Your Own Body', available to stream / download everywhere from Sunday 7th March 2021.

We are currently writing music with a focus on societal issues that need urgent attention. As a band made up of mostly men, and having witnessed first hand the way women are spoken to or about in our own industries, we thought it was time to highlight the issue of this demeaning and senseless inequality through song in a way that guides men and others in our society to more conscious thought over the matter. 'It's Your Own Body' celebrates ones rights to their body as well as pointing out the respect we all should have for our fellow persons right to their body. This track aimed to capture the old with the new, sporting a New Orleans second line feel underneath a soul / pop / funk arrangement and ending with a large, tambourine shaking gospel chorus.

We had the pleasure to work with some amazing women on this project. One we’d like to name now is Chloe Stafford from In Colour Creative who designed the song tile (above) which was also made into a mural in Marrickville. We’ll have more info on that soon!

We also invited the amazing voices of Alisha Todd (Gold Coast), Keira Sigsworth (Hobart), Jo Davie (Brisbane), Belle Ballard (Adelaide), and Abby Fuller (Sydney) to join us in the final chorus.

'It's Your Own Body' will be available to stream on your preferred music platform from Sunday 7th March, to conicide with International Women's Day.

Take a listen to a sneaky 30 second preview of 'It's Your Own Body' or pre-save it to your playlist...

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