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New Zealand for the very first time!

Arguably one of the best tours we have ever done! Not only did we have an incredible turn out, but the scenery made the hours Upon hours of driving quite enjoyable!

Cassette Nine, Auckland

Great spot for regular live music or even Dj’s. It was the perfect way to start the tour as the venue was very casual and seemed more about just having a good time. It was a packed house!

Coastella Music Festival, Paraparaumu

Set on a property surrounded by hills, this boutique festival (also featuring The Black Seeds) stoke our hearts. The atmosphere of the day was just right and we instantly hit it off with audience from song one!

4th Wall Theatre, New Plymouth

A quiet little theatre on NZ’s west Coast played host to us for the night. The setting was a little different Han what we were used to but we made it work and pulled off a great show to a sold out crowd.

Already we are planning our return.

Until next time NZ!


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