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Continuing with our monthly release schedule, POSITIVE VIBRATIONS is now available to stream/download everywhere! Although a happy and upbeat tune, this song focuses on deeper issues surrounding the subject of depression and the two way street of helping and accepting help from others. This is a tough but incredibly important issue everywhere, including within our greater musical community. To anyone feeling lost, or alone, please let this song be a reminder to reach out, and to everyone and anyone who can help, please don’t be afraid to do so and check in with the people around you. Remember to look out for each other as we enter 2019 and always keep real human interaction, kindness, patience, love and a balanced well being of ones self and others at the fore front of your priorities... everything else is just details.

Stream / Download here:

Our new album 'STITCH UP' is available to purchase now on iTunes, Google Play & Amazon as well as in the form of a CD through our web store. If you are using a streaming based platform (Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music etc.) you'll be able to stream one song a month as we drip the album between now and June. Keep in touch on social media or subscribe to our newsletter to stay in the loop! HPB

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