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HPB in the Middle East!

Yes, you read the headline right... earlier this month we travelled to the middle east. More specifically, a tiny island off the coast of Saudi Arabia called Bahrain. Why? Well we were invited by the Bahrain Board of Economic Development to take part in a large festival held every every year named Spring of Culture. Naturally, we thought why the heck not, lets take the band to the middle east! After 16hrs in the air and one connection we arrive in COLD Bahrain, because its winter... turns out the desert can get pretty cold and we should have packed warmer clothes. However, we were greeted by one of the warmest events teams we've ever had the pleasure of working with. Luckily a lot of people in Bahrain can speak or understand English, so there was no major language barrier. It was quite beautiful to perform for and be amongst people from the other side of the globe, observing their similar reactions and experimenting with to find what musically translates across to people that have never listened to music like ours. We travelled our roving project, the project that started it all in Sydney, now we'll see how it goes with the rest of the world. I could go on but the video below is more fun.

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