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RITUAL is here!

After almost 12 months in studios, rehearsals and writing houses we are stoked to finally share our new single 'RITUAL' with you all, and you may have already guessed it, but the song is about coffee! Being one of the most important parts of our tours, coffee has become our daily, if not bi-daily ritual as we seek out the best cafes or roasters where ever we travel. The song was primarily written by drummer and manager Simon Ghali and as always, contributed to by the rest of the band. Simon's aim was to create an energising song that incorporated the excitement of having that first cup of coffee in the morning and highlight the transformation one under goes. “Ritual” is the latest single to be released from the Funk Pop outfit Hot Potato Band. Their refreshingly unique approach to a soulful sound hit me before the prelude had even ran through. With such a unique instrumental arrangement, it’s hard not to become enthralled by the warmth of their tonality matched with how tight each fluid progression is. For a band who started off as a collective of street performers I can definitely anticipate big things to come for the Sydney, Australia-based artists. Their genre mash of a single incorporates the groove and rhythm of Funk with an immersive meandering bassline accompanied by brass to fully round off the Pop-style production of the track. And all that is without mentioning the smooth instantly arresting vocals." - Amelia Vandergast, A&R Factory, UK Stream or Download RITUAL using the link below:

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