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Two Days In Prison

Our new song 'RITUAL' has an accompanying music video and it was filmed in one of Sydney's oldest correctional centres 'Parramatta Gaol'. The large sandstone enclosure was the perfect location to capture a quirky film about coffee. The initial idea was presented by Director, and founder of Lucid Cinema, Gabriel Morrison who pictured the band all escaping from prison, searching for freedom, capturing images that represent the small freedoms one gets in the moments they are alone with a cup of coffee, and we all know great ideas are often born from a cup of coffee, like planning an escape. Gabriel and his team from Lucid Cinema along with almost 20 extras joined us for two days in the prison capturing scene after scene being locked in cells, running through prison blocks, and even choreographing a large dance sequence that finishes the film. Take a look for yourself!

Stream or Download RITUAL using the link below:

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