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Workshops And SCHOOL Concerts

"Our students loved working with the guys - it built their confidence and whilst building such a sense of fun in performance! We can't wait to get the band back in the future as it was such a positive, impactful workshop for our students."

HPB's Workshops & School Concerts

The 'Workshop' is for Music Students from curricular and co-curricular programs with a key aim of demonstrating the connection between music and movement. By focusing on performance technique, musical expression, and improvisation, we co-create a musical performance with the school band. If you decide to include the concert add-on we then showcase this arrangement to the rest of the school as the grand finale!

The 'Concert' is an interactive roving style concert designed to inspire students to begin and/or continue their musical journey and gain an understanding of Hot Potato Band’s history, arrangements and the origins of brass band music. Our experience over the last 2 years has shown us that school bands have been hindered by lockdowns and so we hope to reinvigorate school band programs through showing them the power of a high energy and expressive performance.


Packages to suit Primary & Secondary

Hot Potato Band offers bespoke packages that are customised for your school's needs/timetable. Understanding that each booking may be unique, below are the templated packages offered:​

Option 1: Mini Workshop with Music Students (60min)

Option 2: Standard Workshop with Music Students (120min)

Option 3: Extended Workshop with Band/Music Students (210min)

Option 4: Stand-alone Concert for School (40-60min)


Add-on: Standard Concert for School (40-60min)

Add-on: School Community Concert for School (75min)

Download the full package outlines (pdf)

HPB's Sheet Music

We have answered the numerous calls from students, bands and teachers alike. HPB's charts and arrangements designed for the original line up, concert band and ukulele are available now through our online store.
Single Parts (great for students or anyone wanting to play along to our music) or Full Arrangements (perfect for ensembles, bands or anyone wanting to perform them) are available.

Prices start from $7.95, so head on over and let us know what you think!

*All profits go directly back to supporting the band, its musicians and new creative works.