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Sennheiser and Neumann Microphones

By embracing Sennheiser’s EW-DX wireless microphones system and Neumann’s Miniature Clip Microphones, the nine-piece brass ensemble Hot Potato Band has not only elevated their performances from the street to the stage, but deepened connections with their fans and students, too. ​

Sydney, Australia, 11 April 2024 – The impressive nine-piece brass band, Hot Potato Band has been using Sennheiser and Neumann equipment as an integral part of their live gigs and school workshops. Neumann and Sennheiser were fortunate enough to speak with Simon Ghali, the Founder and band leader of Hot Potato Band and Pete Orenstein, the Director of Hot Potato Band in Schools Program and the band’s saxophone player about their experience with the audio solutions. ​ Having been playing together since 2009, beginning as a New Orleans inspired roaming band on the street, the group has since expanded to playing since expanded to writing and touring original music alongside their educational initiative of performing in schools and providing workshops. Wireless audio systems like Sennheiser’s Evolution Wireless Digital family – particularly the EW-DX – and the Neumann Miniature Clip Microphone System (MCM) have enabled them to move freely in their performances, wherever they play, without worry.

As a group that got their start with dynamic, organic street performances, Pete and Simon's journey into utilising wireless microphones began with a desire to bring the vibrancy of their acoustic busking performances onto the stage. Pete recalls, "We had our first show with a lot of wired microphones and sound setups, which restricted our movement. We couldn't bring the same energy we were known for. That's when I suggested, 'Why don't we get some wireless mics?' We wanted to create the same spirit and atmosphere we had on the street in our acoustic format." This realisation marked the beginning of their exploration into wireless technology, looking for a way that gave them the freedom to move without sacrificing sound quality.

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