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Early access to 2023 Workshops

Hello, Teachers!

We have some super exciting ideas about HPB Education, and we would like to share a few things that we have been working on. We are giving you early access to our 2023 workshop & concert packages. It’s a busy year ahead, with Australian and New Zealand tours, so places are limited!

2023 Workshops

1 - The Hot Potato Band Concert

Length of concert: 30-60mins

This interactive performance gets kids amped on playing music. Firstly, we aim to inspire students who are in the school band to keep playing by performing WITH them and secondly, we aim to encourage students in the audience to join their school band programs by including them in the visceral power of music. Lockdown has killed the vibe. This performance aims to bring it back to life in your extra curricular program.

“The energy that the HPB put into their performances and the workshops was fantastic. I’ve never seen such wide smiles on the kids’ faces and never seen them have so much fun performing.” - Kylie (Oatley West P.S)

2 - HPB Collab. Workshop

Length of workshop: 60mins

This gives your students the opportunity to collaborate with a seasoned touring band. We put on a gig together. Whether your band is comprised of beginners or accomplished musos, we’ve got charts appropriate for all skillsets. We send you the sheet music in advance so that by the time the day arrives, your band is primed to put on a pumping gig.

“Some HPB band members come from a music education background, and this is very evident in the way that the group interacts with, and teaches young musicians.” - Justin (Currumbin State School)

3 - Improvisation Masterclass

Length of workshop: 60mins

Improvisation is one of the most advanced skills in any musician’s repertoire, but most students lack the confidence to get stuck in. We’ve designed an improvisation workshop, breaking it down in 5 easily remembered words: SIMPLICITY, SPACE, REPETITION, DEVELOPMENT, & RESOLUTION and wow - this works! We’ve seen hundreds of students implement our approach and become confident & precise improvisors within minutes.

4 - Arranging Workshop

Length of workshop: 2hrs

Join us as we take a pop song and arrange it in three ways in a hands-on workshop. There is a real joy in hearing something familiar told in unfamiliar ways. We cover skills such as using the ear, structural plans, sketch scores, thematic mood boards, visual arranging, and genre flipping. Put it all together, and you get something truly unique. Who knows? You might end up with an entirely original song in the process.

5 - HSC Masterclass

Length of workshop: 2hrs

There is a difference between playing a song and performing it. In the HSC, you need to do both. This personalised masterclass uses the combined performance experience of the HPB team to light a fire of inspiration in each student, creating passionate and thoughtful performers. We help your students become experts in their body language, “breaking the ice in the room”, ensemble interaction, clear stage communication, dealing with nerves, and the “10x” rule for performance. They’ll be commanding the stage in no time.

Can’t wait to hear from you!

Pete Orenstein (M.Ed) & Team HPB

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